Learn the basics of Cape Breton's unique Celtic music, culture and Gaelic language with a Celtic Culture Demonstration. The package experience lasts approximately 30 minutes + your own self-guided tour through the exhibit room at your own pace.

Did you ever wonder...

What differentiates Cape Breton's Celtic music from Irish or Scottish?
What the word "Ceilidh" means and how it's pronounced?
How to tell the difference between a Jig, a Reel and other tune types?
What some of the common local lingo is?

Our musicians will cover the basics of Cape Breton music, play examples of different tune types and teach you some beginner Gaelic words and phrases. You will be provided with a free Gaelic translation and pronunciation sheet to take with you so you can practice what you learned!

It's a fun way to learn all the basics to help you better understand and enjoy Cape Breton's music and culture during your visit here.

You may also prefer to learn all of this and more while you walk along the Celtic Shores Coastal Trail with one of our musicians on a Musical Walking Tour!

2018 Celtic Culture Demo Schedule

June 4-August 27, 2018
Monday-Friday: 9:30am-11:00am & 3:00pm-4:00pm
** Based on musician availability day to day **

  2017 Rates Single
Group Rate
(4 or more)
  Music Demonstration: $6 $5/pp
  Interactive Exhibit Room: $6  $5/pp
  Beginner Gaelic Lesson $5 $4/pp
  Exhibit Room + Demo: $10 $9/pp
  Celtic Culture Package: ** $14 $12/pp
  Stepdance Lesson $14 $13/pp
  Musical Walking Tour $25 Pricing

** Celtic Culture Package includes: Interactive Exhibit Room, Music Demo & Gaelic Lesson


Interested in learning or improving your Cape Breton dance steps? Enjoy a half-hour fun-filled workshop with Siobhan Beaton, one of Cape Breton's finest young dancers. Siobhan will teach beginners the basic jig and reel steps and maybe even a Strathspey if you're up for it. You'll have a great time learning, gain a well rounded feel for Cape Breton dancing and feel confident heading to a local square dance to show off your new steps!
No special footwear or clothing required. Come as you are!

Intermediate and advanced dancers may focus on steps they would like to improve.

2018 Stepdance Lesson Schedule

June 4-August 27, 2018
Monday-Friday: 9:00am-4:00pm
** Based on instructor availability day to day **

 2017 Rates Single
Group Rate
(4 or more)
Group Rate
(10 or more)
 Stepdance Lesson $14 $13/pp $10/pp


Our 2018 Interpretive Guides:

Joe MacMaster (Fiddle, Bagpipes, Piano)

Jasmyn MacDonald (Gaelic instructor)