Interested in learning or improving your Cape Breton dance steps? Enjoy a half-hour fun-filled workshop with one of our i-house dancers (Siobhan Beaton, Allison Beaton, Aggie Hennessey and Ceila Cameron). You will learn beginner basic jig and reel steps and maybe even a Strathspey if you're up for it. You'll have a great time learning, gain a well rounded feel for Cape Breton dancing and feel confident heading to a local square dance to show off your new steps! Lessons are catered to your skill level so intermediate and advanced dancers who would like to learn a new step or hone their skills, are welcome as well!
No special footwear or clothing required.

2019 Stepdance Lesson Schedule

June 4-October 10, 2019
Monday-Friday: 10:00am & 3:30pm
** Pre-registration recommended. Based on instructor availability day to day **

 2019 Rates  
 Stepdance Lesson $14
 Fiddle Lesson $15 (30 min), $25 (60 min) - Pre-registration required
 Piano Lesson $40 (60 min) - Pre-registration required. Keyboard provided.