Recordings and books produced by the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre in Judique, Cape Breton.
 All of the CD's in the "Failte" series are compilation recordings, showcasing a wide range of Cape Breton musical diversity.
 Sales of the recordings featured here support our ongoing programming and activities.

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CAPE BRETON FOR KIDS: Colouring & Activity Book
Discover Cape Breton, Gaelic Culture & More!
Released: September 2017

Illustrated by: Ashley Dempsey
Research & Content by: Shelly Campbell
Graphic Design & Layout by: Cheryl Smith

Cape Breton is rich in people, culture, history and nature. This activity book offers a way for children to get to know more about the island, with a focus on Gaelic culture. The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre hopes to raise awareness about the special story of the Gaels in Cape Breton and their connection to the other cultures that help make Cape Breton all that it is.

Inside you will find colouring pages of scenery and people, history and information, riddles and mazes, word searches, crosswords and more for all ages.

We hope this book gives each child a piece of Cape Breton to take home and serves as a reminder of special memories and connections to the island. Enjoy!


Remastered music from the 1973-1979 Festivals

Released: June 2016

A project of the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre Archives Department. A portion of the sales from this recording are donated to The Cape Breton Fiddlers Association, Father John Angus Rankin Cultural Centre and the St. Mary's Parish Hall, Glendale.

Contains previously unreleased material.

01. Opening
02. Evening Finale Jig Medley (1973)
03. West Mabou Medley (1973)
04. High Road Set (1975)
05. Mini Finale (1977)
06. Mo Mhathair (1977)
07. Cutting Ferns Medley (1977)
08. Sunday Night Finale 1st Group (1977)
09. Sunday Night Finale 2nd Group (1977)
10. Sunday Night Finale 3rd Group (1977)
11. Pet Of The Pipers Medley (1979)
12. Stirling Castle Medley (1979)
13. Loch Earn Medley (1979)

In February, 1972, a CBC documentary entitled “The Vanishing Cape Breton Fiddler” was produced by Ron MacInnis. The premise of this film was to show that the traditional Cape Breton violin music was in a state of decline, and that it would soon disappear entirely! Reaction to this documentary was swift and disbelieving. The most notable achievement of the film was that it shook Cape Bretoners out of their complacency, and it made them aware that, quite possibly, the Cape Breton Fiddle was facing extinction.

Father John Angus Rankin was one of the key people who vowed that this would never happen!A group composed of Frank MacInnis, Father Eugene Morris, Burton MacIntyre, Archie Neil Chisholm, Father John Angus Rankin, Rod Chisholm, Judge Hugh J. MacPherson, Anne Marie MacDonald, Jeannette Beaton, Joey Beaton, and Ray MacDonald met as a result of a letter sent out by Frank MacInnis. This dedicated group of people decided to proceed with the concept of a large fiddlers festival; thus, the very seed of the Cape Breton Fiddlers Association began. The first Festival of Cape Breton Fiddling was held in Glendale in July 1973. Over 130 proud Cape Breton fiddlers arrived in Glendale that weekend and gave one of the greatest concerts ever witnessed in Cape Breton. Several thousand people made up the audience.

“The Cape Breton Fiddlers Association commends the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre in its efforts to produce this compilation CD, that once again celebrates the days of the Glendale Festivals of the nineteen seventies.” ~ Frank MacInnis.


Over 200 common words & phrases with audio CD included

A mini book and accompanying CD for beginners wanting to learn some basic words and phrases in Gaelic.The included CD by Gaelic instructor, Carmen MacArthur, allows learners to hear the Gaelic spoken throughout the book. It's a fun and fast way of learning some of the common words and phrases used to allow you to speak a little Gaelic when in Nova Scotia!

Gaelic is an ancient and beautiful language and the foundation of Celtic music and culture in Nova Scotia. The resurgence of Gaelic in the last decade has created a wave of new learners taking up the language. Little by little, the language of the Gaels is returning to our communities. This mini book focuses on the dialect used in North America. We invite you to use what you learn and have fun!

Gaelic Culture in Nova Scotia
Language / Cànan
Language Difficulties / Duilgheadasan Cànain
Greetings & Small Talk / Fàilteachan agus Còmhradh
Getting To Know People / A' faighinn Eòlas air Daoine
Family / Teaghlach
Out & About / Air Cuairt
Other Phrases / Abairtean Eile
Weather / An t- Sìde
Days of the Week / Làthaichean dhen t-Seachdain
Months / Mìosan
Seasons / Na Ràithean
Special Occasions / Na Féilltean
Technology / Teicneolas
Colours / Dathan
Numbers / Àireamhan
Food & Beverage / Biadh agus Deoch
Signs & Directions / Soidhnichean agus Stiùiridhean
Music / Ceòl


A collection of original contemporary Cape Breton compositions

This book is the result of many hands having an interest in sharing the tradition of Cape Breton Fiddling. We are fortunate to have a strong foundation of musicians and composers in this region that are willing to give of their time and talents in an effort to continue to breathe life into a music and culture that has been a fundamental building block of our local communities. The original music contained within these pages has been generously donated by the composers for this collection. All of the sales of this book go towards ongoing projects and programs undertaken by the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre. We hope you enjoy the tunes and we thank you for your support.


FAILTE: New Direction
Released: October 2013

Instrumental compilation recording featuring some strong Cape Breton musicians of today and the carriers of tomorrow. A mix of traditional and contemporary tracks showcasing the range of Cape Breton music styles from the rising up-and-comers to the well known established players.

 01. Angus Blaise - Wendy MacIsaac
 02. Jigs These Days - Rachel Davis
 03. Thanks Howie - Colin Grant
 04. Welcome Blast - Troy MacGillivray
 05. Pipe Jigs - Doug Lamey
 06. Kenloch Represented - Robbie & Isaac Fraser
 07. Bee Flat in the Hills - Anita MacDonald
 08. Twenty Four Deer - Kinnon Beaton
 09. Radio Edit - Andrea Beaton
 10. Fr. Angus' Set - Mac Morin
 11. Buddy in Judique Concert - Ashley MacIsaac
 12. Freudian Slip Into Jigs - Chrissy Crowley
 13. Donald and Gordon's - Kenneth MacKenzie

DVD of the concert also available

Released: July 2012

Live recording of the Buddy MacMaster School of Fiddling Grand Finale Concert. Recorded October 18, 2009 at the Judique Community Centre, Cape Breton, NS. Performances by the instructors and friends of the Buddy MacMaster School of Fiddling. A great recording if you want the feel of a real live Cape Breton concert.

01. Opening Set -- Kinnon Beaton with: Allan Dewar & J.P Cormier
02. Little Donald -- Gabrielle MacLellan with: Tom Daniels & Allan Dewar
03. King Arthur -- Andrea Beaton with: Allan Dewar & Cheryl Smith
04. NeckBelly -- Mairi Rankin with: Troy MacGillivray
05. My Mother -- Rodney MacDonald with: Howie MacDonald & J.P Cormier
06. Lawrence John A’s -- Glenn Graham with: Allan Dewar & J.P Cormier
07. Old Faithful -- Troy MacGillivray with: Allan Dewar, J.P Cormier & Cheryl Smith
08. Angus Ronald’s -- Glenn Graham, Andrea Beaton, Kinnon Beaton
          with: Allan Dewar & Cheryl Smith
09. Heather Hill -- J.P Cormier with: Troy MacGillivray
10. Finale: The Weasel -- Group number

FAILTE: Tunes From The Heart
Released: June 2011

Tunes From the Heart features many of the Island’s great performers and accompanists. In his foreword in the James Hunter Book, “The Fiddle Music of Scotland”, the famous Yehudi Menuhen, saluting the Scottish Fiddler states: "their music knows no detour – it goes straight to the feet if dance we must, to our eyes if cry we must and always to our hearts evoking every shade of joy, sorrow or contentment."

01. Rodney MacDonald - McKenna’s
02. Mike Hall - Dad in His Element
03. Robbie & Isaac Fraser - The Glencoe Hall
04. Troy MacGillivray - The Talisker High Bass Set
05. Melody & Derrick Cameron - Irish Set in “D”
06. Kinnon Beaton - Fit For Life
07. Barbara MacDonald Magone - The New Twins
08. Andrea Beaton - The Silver Bullet
09. Douglas Cameron - The H. Macworth Set
10. Glenn Graham - Live at Strathspey Place
11. Mac Morin - End with the Beginning
12. Kenneth MacKenzie - Backstreet

Released: September 2008

A Christmas jam session recorded live at a Cape Breton house party!

Fiddle: Shelly Campbell, Kinnon Beaton, Andrea Beaton, Dara Smith
Piano: Betty Beaton
Guitar: Sandy MacDonald
Banjo: Andrea Beaton
Percussion: Cheryl Smith
Border Pipes: Ryan J. MacNeil

01. O Come All Ye Faithful/Deck The Halls/ Norman's Reel
02. Christmas in Killarney/Trip To Toronto
03. We Wish You A Merry Christmas
04. Here Comes Santa Claus
05. Angels We Have Heard On High/Lady Ann Moir's Birthday/Bear In The..
06. Frosty The Snowman/Antigonish Polka #1/Mac Nab's Hornpipe
07. Hark The Herald Angels Sing/ Miss Gordon of Park
08. Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer
09. Away In A Manger/Butler's Clog/Maid Behind The Bar/Jingle Bells
10. Auld Lang Syne

FAILTE: Traditions
Released: June 2008

On Traditions experience the exquisite sound of fiddles, pipes, pianos, guitars, and voices from across Cape Breton and eastern Nova Scotia. This music illustrates how our culture was passed on by parents to sons or daughters, grandparents to grandchildren, uncles and aunts to nieces and nephews, and from neighbour to neighbour and continues to provide us with the richest of musical talent.

  01. Joan Curries's Jig - Glenn Graham
  02. Leo and Catherine Murray - Brenda Stubbert
  03. French Road Set - Barry Shears
  04. Eight More Hours - Buddy MacDonald
  05. For My Mother Dear - Jerry Holland
  06. Penny Hill - The Barra MacNeils
  07. You'll be Home Again - Donnie Campbell
  08. The Treadmill Set - Jennifer Rolland
  09. The C Group - Tracey Dares MacNeil
  10. C Jigs - Kinnon and Andrea Beaton
  11. Sweet is the Melody - Hayley MacPhee
  12. Bunter MacEwens Farewell - Dwayne Cote
  13. Dr. Keith of Aberdeen - Kendra MacGillivray
  14. The Little Pickle - Buddy and Natalie
      15. Electric Set - Paul MacNeil and Jamie MacInnis

FAILTE: Airs & Waltzes
Released: June 2007

A Compilation of beautiful airs and waltzes by some of Cape Breton's finest.

  01. Andrea Beaton: Jennifer MacDonald’s Waltz
  02. Lisa MacArthur: John Morris Waltzes
  03. Scott Macmillan: Sir Lulu
  04. Allie Bennett: Nighen Donn Bhoideach
  05. Kimberley Fraser: Aberdeen
  06. Winnie Chafe: My Lily
  07. Ashley MacIsaac: Blue Bonnets Over The Border
  08. Colin Grant: There’s A Lady
  09. Kinnon Beaton: Jane Andrews’ Air
  10. Dave MacIsaac: Cluny Castle
  11. Leanne Aucoin: My Aunt Denise
  12. Sandy MacIntyre: Waltz Medley
  13. Natalie MacMaster: If Ever You Were Mine

FAILTE: A Cape Breton Welcome
Released: June 2006

A Compilation of some of Cape Breton's Finest Musicians.

  01. Buddy MacMaster: E Minor Jigs
  02. Ian MacDougall: Heavy Is My Fate
  03. Glenn Graham: The Hintons’ Selection
  04. Mac Morin: The Deil’s Lochy
  05. Robbie & Isaac Fraser: Memories of Archie Neil Chisholm
  06. Natalie MacMaster: Captain Keeler
  07. Karen Beaton: The Flower of the Quern
  08. Ryan J. MacNeil: Oh Wheels, What Can the Matter Be?
  09. Troy MacGillivray: Hornpipes
  10. Jackie Dunn: Piano Selection
  11. Andrea Beaton: “C” Is For Corona
  12. Raylene Rankin: Oran Chalum Sgaire
  13. Kinnon Beaton: Fit For Life
  14. Rodney MacDonald: Kate Martin’s Waltz
  15. Howie MacDonald: From an Arthur and Dave Medley
  16. Mairi Rankin: Hey Johnny M
  17. Shelly Campbell: G Jigs “A Nod To Stephanie” (live)
  18. Wendy MacIsaac: The Studio Square Set (live)


Released: 2008
CD out of stock. Available as a digital download only.

Compilation featuring 14 live tracks from various Cape Breton Live Radio shows

01. Sydney Side Drive: Brenda Stubbert / Kimberley Fraser / Paul MacDonald
02. Buddy's "Debut":
Buddy MacMaster / Betty Beaton / Dave MacIsaac 
03. Piob Mhor:
Kenneth MacKenzie / Jackie Dunn MacIsaac
04. West Mabou Jigs:
Kinnon Beaton  / Troy MacGillivray  / Cheryl Smith 
05. Tramp'er Down:
Wendy MacIsaac  / Jackie Dunn MacIsaac 
06. Gaelic In The Glen:
Jeff MacDonald  / Mary Jane Lamond & Rona Lightfoot 
07. Memories of Donnie "Dugald":
Ian MacDougall  / Mac Morin  /
                                                             Sandy MacDonald 
08. Let's Get Down To Business:
Howie MacDonald  / Doug MacPhee 
09. Hector The Hero:
Jerry Holland  / Marion Dewar 
10. Washanuck:
Carl MacKenzie  / Jackie Dunn MacIsaac  / Dave MacIsaac 
11. Betty's Piano Tunes:
Betty Beaton  / Andrea Beaton  / Patrick Gillis 
12. King Cole's Boot:
Ryan J. MacNeil  / Mac Morin 
13. A Day at the Doryman:
Natalie MacMaster  / Donnell Leahy  /
Troy MacGillivray  / Cheryl Smith 
14. Just For Fun:
Kinnon Beaton, Andrea Beaton, Shelly Campbell, Troy MacGillivray, John Pellerin, Dale Gillis  / Mac Morin  / Betty Beaton  / Cheryl Smith

Released: 2006

Compilation featuring 13 live tracks from various Cape Breton Live Radio shows

01. Beaton's Delight: Kinnon Beaton, Andrea Beaton & Betty Beaton
02. I Guess It's Jigs:
John Pellerin, Troy MacGillivray & Cheryl Smith
03. Mabou Drones:
Kenneth MacKenie & Jackie Dunn MacIsaac
04. The Launch:
Natalie MacMaster, Betty Beaton & Dave MacIsaac
05. The Grand Piano:
Troy MacGillivray & Boyd MacNeil
06. Anita's Steps:
Wendy MacIsaac, Jackie Dunn MacIsaac & Anita MacDonald
07. E Minor Shuffle:
Shelly Campbell & Troy MacGillivray
08. Celtic Colours:
Kimberley Fraser, Brenda Stubbert & Paul MacDonald
09. Pick 'n Strings:
Dave MacIsaac, Mary Jessie MacDonald
10. Glendale Roots:
Theresa MacLellan, Shelly Campbell, Dave MacIsaac
                                   & Jackie Dunn MacIsaac
11. Sitting Dancers:
Rodney MacDonald, Glenn Graham & Joel Chiasson
12. Pipers Ceilidh:
Kevin Dugas, Troy MacGillivray & Boyd MacNeil
13. Diddle Diddle:
The Crew with Betty Beaton