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In rural Nova Scotia, there are many musicians and there are those who stand out because they leave a legacy of music that is enjoyed for years to come. Donald Angus Beaton was one of those; a musician and a composer who shared his music with a great number of people. He was a robust and determined man who raised sons and daughters who are also musicians and dancers and his music is very often played by traditional and contemporary musicians who appreciate the style of his tunes.
Recipient of the Stompin' Tom award, presented by the East Coast Music Association, 2009.

Audio clip: An audio introduction to the music of Donald Angus Beaton by Bob MacEachern. Broadcast on 'Highland Fling' (CIGO, Cape Breton), August 8, 1982.



Audio clip: A selection of music from Donald Angus Beaton: Sandy MacInnis Strathspey (Donald Angus Beaton)/Sir Reginald MacDonald Reel (Trad)/Dan J. Campbell's Reel
(John Campbell)/Willie MacKenzie's Reel (Trad)


Donald Angus Beaton

His Life & Music
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