The Celtic Music Interpretive Centre is capable of multi-track recording in-house (Studio C) and remotely (Studio M). Below is an equipment listing with descriptions.

If you are interested in recording at CMIC or at another location, we would be happy to discuss your project.

Please contact:
Allan Dewar, Music Director
Phone: 902-787-2708


CMIC Stage Equipment

All connections and controls are onstage for audio and lighting.
Our room is acoustically treated on the back wall.
Ambient room lighting controlled separately from stage lighting.
There are multiple 120v 15amp outlets on stage.

• Allen & Heath Mix Wizard WZ3 16:2 16 Channel Audio Mixer
•  DBX Driverack PX P.A. Processor
•  FOH Speakers: (2) QSC K12 and (1) QSC K8 for the Rotunda (Aux 6 Mix)
•  Stage Monitors: (3) Yorkville Elite E10P
•  24:8 Channel split snake stage box. 24 channels to stage and 24 transformer isolated channels to the studio.
    8 aux channels available to the stage.
•  Furman Power Conditioner
•  Elation Stagesetter 24 – 24 channel DMX lighting controller
•  (4) Microh Par64 RGB LED stage lights
•  Roland HP-207 Digital Piano
•  (2) Radial PRO-DI connecting Digital Piano
•  (2) Radial PRO48 DI
•  L.R. Baggs ParaDI
•  Audio Technica AT 200 Series Wireless Microphone
•  Sony VPL-CX120 Projector (VGA, S-video, Composite video connections)
•  Targa 15’ wall mounted motorized projector screen
•  Draper 8’ Portable Projector Screen
•  Benq Portable Projector
•  Stage lighting: (4) Par 64 RGB LED lights controlled from an Elation Stagesetter 24 DMX controller
•  Connection station for ceiling mounted projector
•  VGA, S-Video and Composite video connection
•  Cabled connection to A&H Mixer for audio.
•  Microphones and DI connections available with items from our equipment list

The CMIC Studio

• Digidesign 003 Console (capable of 16 channels of live recording) 48 Total
• Presonus Digimax FS 8 channel ADAT preamp
• Avid Pro Tools 8 LE
• (2) Yamaha HS-80M studio Monitors
• Auralex Mo-pad speaker isolation
• 24” LCD panel (second screen)
• Apple Macbook Pro 17” Computer
• LaCie and Glyph Recording HDD – external recording drives
• Tascam SS CDR-200 Solid State 2 channel recorder
• Tascam DA-40 DAT recorder
• ART SP4x4 power conditioner
• JVC TDW-254 Dual Cassette Deck
• Apex SP1 Studio Mic Kit
• DPA 4099V Microphone
• (4) Apex ADP1 Passive DI
• (2) Shure SM-81 Condenser Microphones
• (2) Shure SM-94 Condenser Microphones
• (3) Audio Technica Pro 35 Microphones
• (2) Audio Technica U851 R Boundary Microphones
• (1) Audio Technica AT-841 Condenser Microphone
• (2) Sennheiser E935 Microphones
• (1) Shure SM-57 Microphone
• (2) Shure SM-58 Microphones
• (2) Audio Technica AT-3000 instrument Wireless bodypack and receiver
• (4) Audio Technica ATHM40fs Studio Headphones
• Boom Microphone stands: Short and Tall - K&M, Onstage Stands and Profile
• Korg D888 8channel studio recorder (40GB HDD)
• Behringer HA-8000 Headphone amplifier

CMIC Studio C

The recording facility within the CMIC is integrated with the on stage P.A. system.
A 24 Channel, 8 Aux wall box has a 30’ splay to the FOH mixer and a 6’ 24 channel fan-out to the studio control room. We can record 16 channels live and 48 total channels using a Digidesign 003 Console, Presonus Digimax FS ADAT combination. The DAW is Avid Pro Tools 8LE with all of the bundled plugins. We also have access to other plugins via our in-house engineer. Projects may be completed fully in house or you may take your recorded tracks with you on your own HDD to a studio of your choice for post-production services.

CMIC Studio M

The mobile recording rig is capable of recording 16 channels live via Pro Tools 8LE via our 003 Console. We also have access to Pro Tools 10 & 11 for direct connection to a digital mixer with a Firewire or USB interface thus increasing the live track count to a maximum of 32. Although all projects are welcome, our focus is on live recording of the traditional music of Cape Breton Island.