Féis Cape Breton

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Féis Cape Breton is administered by the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre with administrative support from the Celtic Colours Festival Society. The Féis’ mission is to reignite the passion and revitalize interest and participation in traditional Gaelic music and culture by helping youth (and other interested age groups) develop skills in a natural way, encourage self-directed learning, provide opportunities for playing and performance and to connect with community at cultural events through a diverse program of shared activities across Nova Scotia. Feeding the grass roots will ensure our culture remains a vibrant and living tradition for generations to come.


As part of its youth initiatives, Féis Cape Breton is pleased to offer a yearly Youth Music Mentorship Program, open to youth aged 12-18 from across the province. Students are mentored in their chosen musical discipline (Fiddle, Piano, Guitar, Highland Bagpipes) by some of the most highly respected musicians in their field.

Along with the concentrated mentoring sessions, social activities are scheduled throughout the 5 month program to enhance skills learned with the mentors and allow participants opportunities for music sharing in community and social settings. The purpose is not to replace lessons participants are already potentially involved with, but to supplement their learning and musical skill development.

For information about the Youth Music Mentorship Program or other
Féis Cape Breton events, contact us at: info@celticmusiccentre.com


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The Celtic Music Centre is a not-for-profit society and a one-of-a-kind facility located in the tiny village of Judique, Cape Breton Island. The mission of the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre is to celebrate and foster the Celtic Music and Heritage of Cape Breton Island as a living tradition, through Archival Preservation, Education and Performance.