Local Lingo

Ceilidh Gaelic for “gathering”, commonly used where there is live
music, storytelling, songs, food & drinks. 

Drive’er To do something with total commitment in an energetic manner.  People who are “driven’er are also said to be “going full tilt” (“the fiddler’s drive’en ‘er!”)

Gomach Gaelic for fool

Jagged Gaelic slang for drunk or tipsy

Flat Case of 24 beer

Flat out Extremely busy

Slack Tired or feeling ill  

Wicked Great / Awesome

Sad Pathetic / Not good

Crackin’ Anxious (i.e; I’m crackin’ for some tunes)

Running the roads Referring to being out at all hours, or on the go a lot

Les Suetes Winds that blow from the southeast, usually well over 100km

Hookers Women who make hooked rugs in Cheticamp

Back shift Working the night shift
Dirty tunes Good tunes, with lots of drive and old Gaelic sound to them

Doing the trail Driving the Cabot Trail

Goway / go on Usually said because the person is surprised

People say:
“Going down to Cheticamp” – even though it’s north
“Going up to Halifax” – even though it’s south


The Celtic Music Centre is a not-for-profit society and a one-of-a-kind facility located in the tiny village of Judique, Cape Breton Island. The mission of the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre is to celebrate and foster the Celtic Music and Heritage of Cape Breton Island as a living tradition, through Archival Preservation, Education and Performance.