Knowles, Liz: Making Time


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Featuring Liz Knowles, Pat Broaders, Donna Long, Johnny Connolly, and Kieran O’Hare.

With 11 years between the release of “The Celtic Fiddle of Liz Knowles” and this album, “Making Time”, there have been a lot of tunes, a lot of tours, and a lot of experiences. This album, for me, reflects a lot of learning and a lot of changes in my style and interpretation and a continued exploration of string arrangements- which you know I love- and tunes, both new ones from old collections, some of which I have been sitting on for years.

I am joined by Pat Broaders on bouzouki. We had a ball putting this album together and recording it in his studio.
One of the tunes I included on the album is from the MacDonald collection. This is one of the tunes I have been living with for many years, waiting for the right time- but more importantly- the right person with which to record it. Donna Long was that person. Some of my fondest musical memories of playing with Cherish the Ladies were with Donna. Her sense of phrasing and chordal sensibility are such that it is impossible not to want to play with her.

I am very pleased to be playing with Johnny Connolly on this album as well. Johnny and I met (finally) almost two years ago when we hired him for the show for which we contracted and acted as musical directors, Celtic Legends. From the first day I played with Johnny, it was like playing with an old friend.

And what album of mine would be complete without a track or two with my husband, Kieran O’Hare. I could go on and on about the influence Kieran has had on my music. He is my encyclopedia and my gauge of what is good and what is not good in my playing and in the world in general.
I hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as I did recording it.


1. Rakes and Frolics
2. Owen Roe
3. The B Set
4. The Silver Hand
5. Boy in the Boat
6. Factory Smoke
7. Byrns March
8. Sir Ulick Burke
9. Trotto
10. The Fair Wind
11. Gur Mise
12. Tunes with Johnny
13. Trundle’s

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Weight .06 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 14.25 × .75 cm