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Family ties and community history are powerfully present in Kinnon’s playing. Like his father, Donald Angus Beaton, Kinnon composes tunes, and this album and its companion book present some of the hundreds he has written. Named for friends, family, neighbors, and places, the tunes chronicle a life in music. Also like this father, Kinnon has inspired and taught others. It’s no surprise, given both sides of the family history, that his daughter, Andrea, and his nephews, Glenn Graham and Rodney MacDonald, among others, have made their way into the music, inspired by his playing. Today, he and his wife, Betty, one of the island’s great piano players, may be the busiest musicians. Betty has her own distinguished family history in the music – she’s Buddy MacMaster’s youngest sister, and Natalie MacMaster’s aunt.


01. Jessie’s Jig medley (live)
02. Doug MacPhee’s medley (live)
03. The Nurses’ Patience medley
04.The Clansman’s Maiden Voyage
05. Jane Andrew’s Air
06. Joan Beaton’s Reel medley (live)
07. Sandra Gillis medley (live)
08. Fit For Life Jig medley
09. Theresa MacLellan’s medley (live)
10. Lakewind medley
11. Father Hughie D’s medley (live)
12. Buddy’s Order of Canada Jig medley
13. Ann Beaton’s medley


Fiddle: Kinnon Beaton, Andrea Beaton
Piano: Betty Beaton, Mac Morin, Joel Chiasson, Jackie Dunn MacIsaac,
Guitar: Patrick Gillis, Sandy MacDonald, Gordie Sampson, Patrick Lamey
Flute: Heather Richards

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 14.25 × 1 cm