Scott Macmillan Presents: The Minnie Sessions Volume 2

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Scott Macmillan Presents: Minnie Sessions Vol. 2, continues a tradition started in Minnie Sessions Vol. 1. The Minnie Sessions are an on-going series of collaborations recorded in Scott Macmillan’s Inverness County, Cape Breton, home. The play on words the “Mini Sessions” or rather the “Minnie Sessions” comes from Minnie Adam’s. She was among the last of the Cape Breton natural healers. Minnie Adams’ ancestors came from Scotland in search of “the earth with energy,” and who’s home Scott Macmillan now owns.

Recorded Live at the home of Scott, Duncan, Ian Macmillan & Jennyfer Brickenden

1997 Tamarac Records

1) The Big Pig Jigs

2) Mabou Ridge Group

3) The Iddle-Doo Polka

4) Is It You I Remember

5) The Mathematician

6) Lightning Alley

7) Minnie Adams House

8) Clayton Farm Group

9) Jig On Two Legs

10) Back Yard Swing

11) The Sister Clogs

12) Rambling in D Minor

13) The Wicker Man

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Weight .1 kg
Dimensions 12.5 × 14.25 × 1 cm